Saturday, July 30, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging: Saturday Edition

Someone put a drowned rat in the bathtub.

Adam, Michelle, and Mary Lou went up to Disneyland on Wednesday to visit Sharon.

A is for Adam.

After lunch at Disney's California Adventure.

Auntie Sharon's friend Kristin wants to get in on the baby action.


Last weekend we went to my cousin Phillip's son Zachary's birthday party at Santee Lakes. Adam got his first taste of the playground.

Mom sez "Let's go down the slide."

Adam sez "Let's not."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Beach

Look, the beach.

Adam and Dad at the beach.

The truth is out there (at the beach).

Our Real Anniversary

On the spur of the moment MIchelle and I drove to Disneyland and ate dinner at The Blue Bayou. I don't think I'll be doing that again on a work night.

Scenes From A Sharon

Adam helps Auntie Sharon check her schedule.

Speaking of Sharon, here she is later that same day at work (Redd Rocket's Pizza Port in TommorrowLand at Disneyland.)

Seaport Village

After dropping Sharon off at the airport last Friday we stayed for dinner at Seaport Village.

Adam and Grandma check out this carriage horse at Seaport Village.

Adam, Grandma, and Grandpa at Seaport Village


When Adam falls asleep in his swing his head slides forward. And hits that yellow bear. Which makes a noise. Which wakes Adam up. Then he usually goes back to sleep and the cycle repeats.

Friday Pom Blogging: Late or Early Edition, Your Pick

Garland is happy to see Grandma after she got back from her trip to Denver.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Plumb Tuckered Out

Adam sleeps in on Sunday morning after an exhausting day at Disneyland.

Three Hours For Fireworks

This is Sleeping Beauty's Castle, as seen from the curb of the Hub, at about 6:30pm.

This is Adam and I sitting on the curb of the Hub, looking at Sleeping Beauty's Castle, at about 6:30pm.

This is the fireworks show we waited three hours to see. It was totally worth it. Even Adam thought so.

Happy Anniversary To Us

Michelle and I have traditionally celebrated our anniversary with a night or two at one of the hotels at Disneyland. This year spent the day at the parks on Saturday and the night at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Oh, yeah, Adam came along.

Adam seemed to have a good time on the rides of Flik's Fun Fair at Disney's California Adventure. Here he is on the Francis the ladybug themed spinning ride.

And here are Adam, Michelle and Sharon on Flik's Fliers. This ride is kind of like Dumbo with no altitude control.

(Not shown: Adam throwing up after a few too many spinning rides.)

Friday Pom Blogging: Monday Edition

Garland doesn't like having mattes combed out of her fur. It may look like she is smiling but it is only a little bit different from a snarl.

Napping At Dinner, How Rude

Last Wednesday we went to the mall to take some pictures at JC Penny. After the picture taking we stopped for dinner. Adam fell asleep while I was holding him so I set him down on the seat of the booth. He woke up when the waiter set our food down on the table.

The Fourth Of July

This Fourth of July was full of firsts for Adam. His first time swimming and his first fireworks show.

Here is Adam looking a little worried while swimming with Mom.

And after Dad sped him around the pool a few times he really looks worried.

At the park in Mira Mesa with Grandma waiting for the fireworks to start.

Woo Hoo. Fireworks.

Friday, July 01, 2005

His First LEGO Build

Now Adam, you are holding a 2 by 6 light gray brick. I'm holding two 1 by 4 white plates. We're going to be build one of these. Let's get started.

Prince Of Legoland

Last week we went to the Legoland Renaissance Faire. After completeting a scavanger hunt/quest Adam was knighted by the king.

After being knighted, Adam and Michelle rode the train.

Sharon too.

Friday Pom Blogging

Do you remember when Snoopy would pretend to be a leopard waiting in a tree to pounce on Linus and steal his blanket? Just replace Linus with Michelle and blanket with french fry.