Monday, November 21, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging: Monday Edition

I know I'm on your side of the bed, Dad. You're not going to make me move are you?


You can only chase those balls around on the floor for so long before sleep sets in.


The Halloween process begins with a trip to the pumpkin patch.

You gotta kick the tires on these pumpkins. Check their teeth, that sort of thing.

These are mine. You can't have them.

Back to the car, driver. Chop, chop.

Sure, they get to pose with the jack o'lanterns. But guess who scooped all the guts out of those suckers.

(Hint: it wasn't the dog.)

Hurry, while he's asleep let's raid his candy. I hope you like Almond Joy bars, kid.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging: Monday Edition

The cheerios were supposed to be for Adam.

Shop 'Til You Nap

Costco is a big place. It can be very tiring going through the whole store.

Look! A Baptism

So we went to Elizabeth Bank's baptism the other week. Nice looking family.

Later at the after baptism party

There's nothing sadder than a pack of caged chihuahuas.

Nothing, except a pack of caged chihuahuas who think that a 6 month old is going to bust them out.

Not Very Subtle, Is He?

Every time Adam meets a girl he tries to grope her.

See what I mean? Slow down, boy. The chicks don't dig that kind of thing. Trust me on this.