Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging: Thunder Watch Edition

Garland is on the lookout for thunder.

The current burst of posts was inspired by the sleepless state I found myself in after getting up to calm the dog during a thunderstorm.

And clean the carpet. Thunder literally scares the piss out of the dog.

Take Me Out . . .

In an effort to secure a Padres pillowcase for Auntie Melissa, Adam went to his first Padres game on Sunday, September 18th. Once he got used to the crowd noise Adam had a good time.

Adam and dad, on the way to the concession stand for lunch.

Grandpa explains the game to the boy.

Auntie Melissa sez: See that guy with the shaggy blond hair, you should grow up to play baseball like him.

Mom and the boy.

Mom and the (sleeping) boy

Marina wants to know what the slimy, bubbling stuff coming out of Adam's mouth is. Adam wants Marina to put her finger back in his mouth.

A Growing Gamer

Why, no Dad, I wasn't trying to play with the XBOX, why do you ask?

Friday Pom Blogging

Garland sez: Don't leave me, I'll be so lonely, I'll miss you, I'll . . . is that a treat? Give it here and get out.

Rosemary's Grand-Baby


Or not evil?

Pick the evil.

The real reason we got together. Grandpa's sister Gloria and her husband Larry came out from Philly to surprise him for his birthday. Not an evil one in the bunch.

Adam The Rock Star

Hard to play the piano with someone's finger in your mouth.

It's tiring work being an aspiring musician.