Sunday, August 28, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging: The Triumphant Return

Stay out of my house as long as I'm eating my treat.

I said, "STAY OUT"

With Great-Grandpa

I have no idea what setting the camera was on when I took this picture. But, as far as I know, neither Adam nor Grandpa was using any hallucinogens at the time.

That's better. Should probably feed that kid before he turns to cannibalism though.

His First Classroom

Adam and Grandma Mary Lou help get Michelle's classroom ready for the new school year.

Help Me Pack, She Said

I'll be good. Don't mail me to Fresno. Not Fresno!!

Poway Picnic

Hey Boo Boo! How about a picnic basket?

Cindy and Boo Boo.

Gee, Yogi!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Pom Blogging

Garland sez: Gimme that, you!

(Hey, Friday Pom Blogging on a Friday. Wow)

Getting An Early Start

Who's reading to who?

The Aquarium: The Return

How did Adam escape from that shark the last time? Will Adam and Mom get away today?

Guess so.

(Michelle helps Adam pet a sea slug.)

Finally, Food!

Adam's first encounter with rice cereal. So far, so good.

Later, things take a dark turn.

Luckily, Garland is there to clean up.